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Ancient Mariner Reels
Business Phone:  917-941-4608
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Ancient mariner reels is an all aluminum 6061 made reel, with heavy duty stainless steel gears, springs, brake system, and stainless steel bearing.


My name is Captain Spyro Alexakis president and owner of Ancient Mariner Reels. I am a professional fisherman from long island New York. I sell Ancient Mariner reels for everyone in the world, from bottom fishing to trolling. Let me know what you are looking for and I will help you to make your next fishing trip an adventure to last a lifetime. Ancient Mariner reels are built for providing the best quality to be tested by serious saltwater anglers. I offer years of machine experience at a reasonable price.

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My job is to provide the best customer service on this planet and to repair and ship out any of my reels within 24 hours.

Links & Partners

Photo of Captain Ralph Wilkins

Captain Ralph Wilkins

Ancient Mariner is a proud sponsor of Captain Ralph Wilkins, owner and Captain of the Odysea vessel, featured on National Geographics “Wicked Tuna” series.

Skurge Of The Sea


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Wholesale Request

Wholesale Now Only Available By Contacting Me Directly.

(917) 941-4608

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